Rabbit vibrators for couple’s play

Who says that sex toys were made for females alone? Studies shows that most male and female have a fantasy about getting their partner off and having them return the favour. As a woman, the best toy you can get is the rabbit vibrator; it can be great for all types of games in the bedroom, but it is mainly perfect for double simulation and arousal. You and your partner can learn more about the different types of vibrators from Friendly Hostility  to pick the perfect one for both of you. You can start by masturbating your partner then getting them to use it on you. If he has a wild sense of imagination, using the vibrator on you will do all the work for you. While you are using the vibrator, ensure you let them know what you like, how fast you want it and how deep he should go. If you are limited on time, you can let your partner use the rabbit ears on you while he thrusts in and out in a comfortable position. This will be more fun for you and him together and you will save a lot on time.

During the oral play, you can substitute the common oral activity with your rabbit vibrator. Holding the rabbit on his penis head will not only simulate it but will create an intense amount of pleasure for your partner. Holding it near his penis and letting the vibrations transfer onto it creates a new and fun twists that drives most men wild. The vibrator also works pretty well on both the males and females nipples when it comes to giving some pleasure. You can try new and playful things like rubbing the vibrator throughout the entire body to learn what is desirable for your partner. Ensure you are using plenty of lubrication or oil so you won’t hurt or scar your partner with the intense vibrations. Learning how to use the vibrator to please yourself and partner may become clear after a few practices.