The main varieties of sex dolls

The advance in technology has led to a wider variety of dolls.  They are now more convenient and make sexual experiences fun and realistic.  One of the most popular versions of these dolls is the silicone doll.  This is because they look more realistic than other plastic sex dills.  Unlike plastic, silicon has a soft feel which makes it more human like.  They have metal skeleton than make them a bit sturdy and add a little weight to them. Another great thing about this doll is that for most, you can change the facial features and expression.  TPE sex dolls are quite close to silicon dolls when it comes to the feel and look. They are very soft and can imitate impressions or expressions when you touch them. Like the silicon dolls, they have a metal skeleton to make them sturdy. They are a bit heavy but the skin is much warmer when compared to the others.

Stuffed dolls are like live animations. They come in a wide range of choices and style to choose from. Unlike TPE or silicon, the material for these dolls is not strong or durable at all. The material gets ruined very easily, which explains why they are very affordable.  One classic doll that does not go out of demand is the blow up doll.  For most people, this is the first doll they ever had. Blow up dolls are made from PVC materials. Some of them are now made with silicon pleasure to increase the amount of pleasure and satisfaction.  They are inflatable, which means you can probably deflate them and store them easily.  The material on this doll is quite fragile meaning the doll can get ruined when subjected to sharp and high pressure objects.  There are endless ranges of dolls, but these are just the common ones. To find the perfect sex doll, you have to research before you can make a final decision.